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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Solihull BNP Draws Large Crowd to Hear Local Speakers

By TITVS ADVXAS - Around 70 people packed last night's British National Party Solihull meeting to hear three local speakers explain to newcomers why they had joined the party as the only way to save Britain.

First on the platform was pensioner and BNP activist George Rouse.

In his maiden speech before a party meeting, Mr Rouse told why he had joined the party and how he had worked hard in the past election with leafleting and fundraising activities.

"The BNP's policies are the only fair and just way in which the problems facing Britain can be sorted out," Mr Rouse said.

Next speaker was local activist David Jackson who entertained the audience with a comical and reasoned speech about the corruption of the old parties and the need for a transparent BNP government.

"The other parties' public representatives, from local councillors to MPs, have been proven to be corrupt," Mr Jackson said.

The interval, introduced by master of ceremonies and local organiser Frank O'Brien, was marked by a buffet and an entertaining karaoke. West Midlands secretary Mike Bell and other members provided great entertainment with an impromptu and rousing rendition of "Jerusalem."

Last speaker for the night was West Midlands training officer, Richard Lumby, who spoke on the causes behind the credit crunch and the necessity of Britain being completely economically independent.

The highly successful evening was topped with an announcement from deputy organiser Bob Lassen and fundholder Pat Jelley that the meeting had raised £316 through the raffle and collection.

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