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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

When will we be shown the true light? by TITVS ADVXAS

Thousands of Muslims Gather in London to Demand a Caliphate. From the BNP website

So why all the fuss? After all we are already surrendering our cities, our churches and in The UK we are allowing 85 Sharia courts (22 of which are in The Midlands) to preside over matters that British Courts should in fact have jurisdiction.

Well in fact there was no fuss whatsoever. The state controlled media absolutely failed to report the recent meeting of thousands of Muslims, who gathered in London to Demand a Caliphate, in any way, shape or form. All the media, be it national tv, local tv, radio or any of the newspapers avoided any mention of this meeting. This can be proved quite easily by going to the main website of any of the media institutions, and entering keywords such as "London, 2009 and Caliphate" into their own search engines. For example, on the BBC site, the most recent reference is to an article from 2007. All that The Scum newspaper could offer was an advert for "London hotels from £15". (Khalid Mahmood please note!)

The outlandish demands from the meeting, to install another tier of government, are way beyond the thin edge of the wedge. These demands are like being asked for your front door keys to your house AND the codes of your burglar alarm. We are being told that "In this critical time, Muslims needed to hold onto Islamic values living in the West, and resist the attempts to reform Islam, and to support the call for the Islamic Khilafah in the Muslim world — to end decades of oppression, colonisation and dependency"
All I can say to that is, if you want your own style "Khalifah" government then return to a country where that style of government already exists. If you have fled that country due to persecution or freedom issues, then why do you wish to install a government that would persecute you or restrict your freedom once again?

This is a major issue! Why did no mainstream media report on the story? If these liberal-marxists bury their head in the sand for much longer, and events like this remain unreported, then the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will become The Islamic Republic of Britain, and the Union flag or Union Jack as it is commonly referred to, whose first incarnation was used following the Union of Scotland and England in 1606, will be replaced with a crescent moon and star. At the current rates, this will be well before this 50 year old blogger is dead in the ground.

There is only one hope for Britain, and that is The British National Party, who will reverse these trends and restore Britain to its former glory. All BNP policies are available for viewing on The BNP Website. Please make time to read them, and you will see that
BNP policies are REALISTIC, not racist (As The liberal-marxist establishment would have you believe).

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Red Squirrel said...

Thank you for posting this Titvs!
I was going to do the same, but you have expressed this so succinctly that I shall do a cut and paste of your post on all my sites.
People have got to wake up NOW; the time for burying their heads in the sand or watching bloody soap operas on TV is over!
Lancaster Unite Against Freedom called me a 'fruit loop', but it is they who are insane! they can go to Hell (which they probably will anyway)

coldragon said...

Why is the horrible truth of Islam being hidden from the public? A century of fighting for equality and freedom of speech in this country is rapidly being undone. The powers that be do not want the public to awake to this barbaric religion. I am really puzzled and saddened as to why our government are traitors to their own.


Squirrel, you are more than welcome. By the way I wanted to ask you about where you keep your nuts... Obviously Lancaster OAF is the answer!
Also Speaking of the soaps, please read my latest blog about Charlie Slater?

Anonymous said...

Mulims are growing at a tremendous rate and they are multiplying like never before. It is everywhere, even in America. They are having 8 kids to our 1. They are trying to take over the world. I believe we are living the last chapter of the bible,Revelations and the nightmare is only beginning.


Amen to that thought. At least in the USA you have the right to bear arms (if only for self defence) Here we do not... Here all we have to defend ourselves is the use of garden tools, kitchen utensils and sarcasm...

CorshamCrusader said...

The fact that they were allowed to hold this event and openly call for a Caliphate is treasonous, can you imagine thousands of christians gathering in Saudi Arabia calling for Christianity to replace Islam in that country? We all know what would happen to them if they did!!! This event shows just how confident the muslims are feeling now about taking our country away from us and should be a wake up call for all the turkeys out there who are going to vote Dave and his Cameroons in at the next election. Christmas is coming for all of them and sadly for us too unless they wake up and fast.


CC, it has already happened. Remember Gayle Williams, a worker with Christian charity "SERVE Afghanistan" shot by Taliban in October 2008 "because she was working for an organisation which was preaching Christianity in Afghanistan". Enough is enough

whiter shade of pale said...

I notice in the photograph the name of the group "Hizb ut Tahrir". I thought this group was banned a couple of years ago because of its links to terrorism. Maybe I am wrong.


The government were going to ban them following the 7/7 attacks in 2005, but they backed down. In fairness to Hizb ut Tahrir, they seemimgly have always condemned acts of terrorism that have fallen in UK and USA. (Perhaps their condemnation was the reason for them backing down)

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