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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The Morning After Pill... By TITVS ADVXAS

Getting ready to go out to a local BNP meeting, last night, I received a frantic phone call from local BNP activist, Mike Bell. "Have you seen The BNP website?" he enthused. Putting my face moisturiser down, I replied "Erm, no. Whats wrong?" Mike went on "You're on it, you're on it?" I dropped my steradent tube on the floor in horror. "OMG (Oh My God) have I been outed? Is the latest BNP members list back in the public domain? Will my family be safe? Whats going to happen? Woe is me!" By now I was sorting through my medicine cabinet looking for the GTN spray (glyceryl trinitrate spray, sprayed under the tongue for sub-lingual absorption into the blood, for the relief of angina pectoris, a severe pain in the chest bought on by conversations with Liverpudlians). "Stop bein' a Brummy nanse and listen" he calmly continued, "You're blog from Titvs about your Dad you posted today is on THE MAIN BNP website." By now I wasn't listening, my legs were like jelly and the sweat was pouring off my shiny noggin. "Are you there...?" enquired Michael. After a brief pause a tiny, squeaky voiced Titvs replied "Yes." Mr B then went on to explain that he had read it himself and was talking to someone at BNPHQ and mentioned it to him.

Seriously, in the space of 12 hours the post on the BNP site has received 60 plus comments. eclipsing my previous post on 1st March 2009, which has after 5 months still only got 48 comments. All these 60 plus were extremely supportive bar one, from midenglander, who claimed I was a long range patriot:

A good story that rings many bells with those of us of a "certain age". It is just a pity that the writer isn't ACTUALLY here in the Land of his Fathers fighting for the cause. This is clearly coming from the good old US of A. Alas, the world of this writer's father may never come again. Sorry to be cynical but long range patriotism never goes down well with me. It's a bit like all that mushy Irish Nationalism from the "forty million", Irish Americans, the "give a dollar and kill a Brit" brigade. Real Nationalists stay and resist the destruction of their homeland.

Midenglander, If I am a long range patriot, how did I manage to get to Bromsgrove last night and take the photograph posted top left? Telly-port bracelet? Voyager transporter beam? No I didn't! Why? Because I was born, was bred, and still live in Birmingham. I never said all Nationalists are 100% sensible did I?
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