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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The Fifth Columnist by TITVS ADVXAS

Following a couple of reasonably well received articles from yours truly on The main BNP site, The BNP webmaster took me aside recently at a meeting we both attended to tell me that he'd given me my own column on the BNP site and was in the process of sorting me out with my own access and passwords. On accessing the BNP website, on the toolbar is COLUMNISTS. click on it and there's a list of just five Joe Priestly, John Bean, Martin Wingfield, Nick Griffin, and the fifth columnist TITVS ADVXAS. Imagine the lump in the throat and tear to the eye on seeing this? No Mrs Titvs wasn't preparing a noose for me! Just to be on the same stage as the other four is a privilege. This post is just a humble thanks to the people who have read my articles and given comments and given me this opportunity to help the BNP in my own little way. And a little message to the Cyber trolls of the loony left, Beware, Titvs Advxas is here, and he's on your case!!
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JPT said...

Well done.

JPT said...

Titus: Have a look at my 'other' blog The Right Rant - you may like it better than the Photography one - I like them both of course but they're quite different!

CorshamCrusader said...

Excellent news, I shall be looking there for your articles as well as this blog. Keep up the good work TITVS.

Red Squirrel said...

Congratulations Titvs!
So you are the 'fifth columnist' LOL.
Only joking!
All the very best,
Red Squirrel of Wael Tun.

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