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Saturday, 22 August 2009

The Arrogant Immigrant By TITVS ADVXAS

The row of shops in Wilson Road, Ely, Cardiff.

Bargain Booze (Wilson Road Sub Post Office), 43 Wilson Road, Cardiff, CF5 4LL,Telephone 02920591511 (+442920591511).

Brief business description (from www.touchcardiff.com).

Bargain Booze serve beers, wines and spirits as well as soft drinks, tobacco products and confectionery.

According to local rumour mongers...

The BNP Wales Team who carried out that interview with Mrs Davies did not say it but we can report it.

We have done a little digging of our own into this Mr Khan and he appears to be one very dodgy character.

Mr Khan apparently owns a large number of the shops along Wilson Road, and there are rumours of multi Eastern European occupancy (aka overcrowding by Polish tenants) of several of the flats above the shops

We have heard rumours of the misuse of "Chip and Pin" in his shops.

We have even heard rumours of him being a Solicitor who was struck off.

Whether these are just malicious rumours made up by residents angry at his actions in this matter, we have no idea but intend to find out.

Hypocrisy too, I touched on yesterday, as Muslims have refused to use alcohol-based hand gels to combat the spread of swine flu because they claim it is against their religion.

Some of those employed by in Hospitals such as St David's NHS Trust in Cardiff have complained about the antibacterial lotion, which is considered a key strategy in containing the virus.

Yet Mr Khan through Bargain Booze sells "beers, wines, spirits and tobacco products."

If anyone has any information on this man, be it fact or more rumours, please email the details to The Green Arrow voteforbnp@hotmail.co.uk.

All information received will be treated as confidential.

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