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Sunday, 23 August 2009

BNP Distances Itself from Disgraceful Behaviour by Individuals

The British National Party’s deputy press spokesman, John Walker, has distanced the party from what he described as the disgraceful behaviour of two individuals captured on film at the Red, White and Blue festival last weekend and reported on in a Sunday newspaper today.

“The BNP distances itself completely from the unacceptable behaviour of two individuals and wishes to place it on record that they in no way represent the party,” Mr Walker said.

“The actions and behaviour reflect only upon themselves and were not part of any official BNP function,” he continued, pointing out that the newspaper’s story was about a private campfire gathering and not any formal function at the RWB.

“I can also confirm that this was the first that any of us had heard of this incident. The whole matter has now been referred to the party’s hierarchy for further action and potential disciplinary steps,” Mr Walker said.

This unprecedented statement follows an article in The Nudes Of The Hurled Sunday newspaper

A LITTLE girl grins with glee as she holds a golly over a fire . . . while a jeering BNP politician finds the doll guilty of BEING BLACK during a vile mock trial and execution.

The baying crowd cheers when the toy - dubbed Winston - is condemned and dropped on to the flames to "die".

Goading on the assembled adults and kids the politician, a local council candidate, yells out these chilling words: "Let's get a real one . . . in the town we'll find one or two."

The sickening stunt was staged at the British National Party's annual FAMILY festival last weekend - yet the BNP insists it is NOT racist as part of its successful ploy to attract votes in elections.

Around 1,200 members converged on fields at Codnor, Derbys, for the Red White and Blue "fun" weekend. Our undercover reporter, posing as a supporter to gain entry to the members-only event, secretly filmed racism everywhere.

For £1 a go, people were throwing wet sponges at a man in a Barack Obama mask locked in stocks.

Elsewhere stalls were selling T-shirts with slogans like It's A White Thing and books such as Race, Evolution and Behavior - which insists whites give birth to larger-brained babies and blacks are prone to crime.

Supporters gave Nazi-style salutes and shouted Sieg Heil.

And in the "political tent", party chairman and MEP Nick Griffin, 50, was setting out how his party would deal with proposed anti-discrimination laws forcing the BNP to change its whites-only membership policy.

He said: "Since if we want to survive we will be forced to let them in, the key will be before we do so to change the party - to ensure that whoever's coming in doesn't have any control."

Saturday night was the climax of the festival - and when the vileness reached its peak. Firstly, around 50 skinheads took part in a PAGAN ceremony to summon occult powers for their cause.

They chanted incantations as they passed around and drank from an animal horn filled wth mead.

Two hours later, local council candidates John Coombes, of Maidenhead, Berks, and Dick Hamilton of Marlow, Bucks, were sitting with others around a brazier.

Hamilton's ghettoblaster blared out songs supporting Hitler and attacking "ni**ers".

Then began the "trial" led by Coombes, 45.

A 12-year-old girl there with her dad (we are protecting her identity) held a golly called Winston over the fire as Coombes "charged" him with "mugging, rape, drug dealing".

He sneered: "Right Winston, you're about to get cooked. Anything else to say?

"Says he ain't a drug dealer. He thinks he's not black. He's charged with being black. Now get on there."

Skinhead Hamilton chipped in: "If he jumps off he's innocent." Coombes went on: "He's guilty, guilty as charged.

"Let's get a real one - in the town we'll find one or two. They'll also be guilty of the heinous crimes I charged him with - may God forgive your horrible soul." Coombes repeated the charges then added: "He may have appeared innocent to you lot but I'm sure he done lots of things wrong."

During the weekend the party's other MEP Andrew Brons used his stint in the political tent to compare Muslims to SMALLPOX during his speech.

The reporter, who posed for several sickening photos that were intended to be used as evidence of "normal behaviour", was working undercover, so at least we have had £30 membership and £20 entrance fee from Murdoch's little People.

The statement by The BNP will surely not be reported elsewhere, in the usual sickening NUJ way.

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