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Thursday, 6 August 2009

The Red Cow

Copied from The Home of The Green Arrow, after a tip off from The Derby Patriot under the title "Judy Mallaber MP & The RWB"!

The Red Cow - Judy Mallaber

I wonder if anyone else in the British National Party have thought about digging into the background of Judy Mallaber, the Labour MP for the Amber Valley, where their annual family fesitival the Red, White and Blue is taking place in just over a week? No need guys, I have done it for you.

Got to warn you now though, this looks like being a long article if I am to really do an hatchet job on the hatchet faced red cow shown above.

Right, let us start at the beginning. Decades ago, the communists realised that the British People would never vote for them, given that communism has been responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths. So they made a deliberate policy to infiltrate and take over from within, existing political parties starting with Labour and have now succeeded in that goal. The other parties are now suffering the same fate.

Mallaber was selected to stand for election in 1996 for Labour in the Amber Valley through an all-women shortlist. This method of selection was declared illegal in January 1996 as it breached sex discrimination laws but since when as the Law meant anything to the communists?

Despite the ruling she remained in place as the candidate for the following year's election and was elected at the 1997 general election but where and what was she doing up until 1996.

Well until then, Mallaber was an extremely active member of the Communist Party from 1987-96, until given her orders to move to Parliament.

Now communists are a bit like zombies, they are mindless creatures who do as they are told, they can no more throw of the shackles enclosing their minds then I could give up loving my country. She is still a communist and a communist in power spells danger for nationalists who wish to preserve their nation states and cultures.

And what about her performance in the Parliament of Pigs where she has gorged so well.

Well she certainly enjoys foreign travel as she spends a lot of time in Africa and India, although why a Christian Charity would pay a communist to go to Africa is beyond me.

I can understand why the Confederation of Indian Industry and the Government of India would pay for luxury visits, as like all communists, Mallaber believes jobs should go anywhere except to the British People.

Her voting record, is as to be expected for this plump little piggie from Parliament, who sucked up over £200,000 of our money in pay and expenses last year. Did you notice how her expenses chart shot through the roof once she had her snout into the trough? Quick learner with a big appetite for public money our Judy. Well it will soon be her turn to cry:)
  • Voted for smoking ban
  • Voted for ID Cards
  • Voted for the Iraq War
  • Voted against an investigation for the Iraq War
  • Voted for ban on hunting
  • Voted for gay rights
Now if you would like to see what Judy as been spending our money on this year, then please feel free to visit this link, where her expenses are listed. However I must warn you that they have been heavily censored according to the Labours Partys idea of Freedom of Information.

Now that we have some idea of the background and type of person Mallaber is we can now move forward to her involvement in the acts of petty spite being carried out by Denby Council in stopping the BNPs drink and entertainment licences and now banning caravans and camper vans from the private land where the family event will still take place. Hopefully with a defiantly bigger turn out.

Well last year Judy Mallaber was actively campaigning against the RWB taking place in her constituency that she was parachuted into against the wishes of the local labour party.
Trade union leaders on the march included Bob Crow, general secretary of the RMT, Jerry Bartlett, deputy general secretary of the NASUWT, and Lee Barron, the CWU’s Midlands regional secretary. Local Labour MP Judy Mallaber also turned up to give her support.
And this year Mallaber is again expected to be one of the speakers at the UAF Thugs protest that is going ahead despite the wishes of the local people and businesses, some of which were vandalised by the communists last year when 33 of them were arrested. Good guy is in the blue colours and the bad guy in red.

Still with me good. Because I am very interested in some emails that are flying between Judy and a British National Party supporter and I think you will be interested also.

Dear Member of Parliament

I am writing to you as the MP for Amber Valley regarding the British National Party annual Red White and Blue festival. I have been informed that the local council have decided to ban any caravans or camperhomes from parking on site and this raises several questions which I would like addressed as a matter of urgency please.

I have an elderly disabled member travelling with me that needs frequent access to a toilet through the night and cant possibly be expected to sleep in a tent due to health reasons, the alternative is to stay at a local caravan park and this raises further concerns that i would like an urgent answer to please.

As you are aware last years event was marred by supporters of the UAF organisation who attacked police throwing bricks etc they also attacked a few cars damaging them in the process. I am concerned that we are firstly expected to now stay on the same sites locally as these hooligans and also for the safety of the disabled member travelling with me on route to the event if we encounter any of the missile throwing mob. There is also the question of any damage my camper home may sustain from any attack on route as this has a value of some £40,000.

I trust that you can send my assurances that there will be police security for the duration at both the local caravan parks and also the route into and out of the festival? We will in the event of any damage both to property or person hold the council directly responsible for this.

yours sincerely

From: office@judymallaber.com
To: xxxxxxxxxx@hotmail.com
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2009 17:38:24 +0200
Subject: RE: BNP festival

Thank you for your email which has been noted.

From: xxxxxxxx@hotmail.com
Sent: 06 August 2009 09:54
To: Judy Mallaber MP
Subject: RE: BNP festival

Dear Member of Parliament

Further to my previous email below I am still waiting for a response regarding the security measures you have put into place for those of us now banned from taking our campers or caravans into the BNP RWB festival in Codnor on August 14th.

As I have stated we have an elderly member with us that suffers from mobility problems and needs constant access to toilet facility.

We also asked you what kind of assurance you could provide while we travelled to the venue as I am led to understand from the local newspaper that Unions have organised as many as 1000 protesters to gather and disrupt the festival. What are your propositions for our safety while on local caravan sites with these protesters and our safety while we travel to the venue?

I look forward to your promp reply.

Get ready for the weasel like get out of jail free card.

From: office@judymallaber.com
To: xxxxxx@hotmail.com
Date: Thu, 6 Aug 2009 04:06:50 -0400
Subject: RE: BNP festival

Thank you for your email. However would you please let us have your home address as MPs have a strict protocol not to intervene with individuals who do not live in their own area. If in fact you do not live in Amber Valley you should contact your MP.

Regards Gail Dolman

Come off it Gail. Did you honestly think that your pathetic attempt at answering the questions with that non reply for your red bitch master would put off a BNP member?

From: xxxxxxx@hotmail.com
To: office@judymallaber.com
Subject: RE: BNP festival
Date: Thu, 6 Aug 2009 09:33:01 +0100

Dear Member of Parliament

My home address is of no relevance in this matter and it is fairly obvious from my email that we are travelling to your area for a perfectly legal event and have expressed concerns for our safety while in your area, are you implying that you are not responsible for the safety of the public in your area? it is after all your local council that has implemented this ban on us accessing the site.

Are you simply not interested in the safety of a disabled person because we support the British National Party?

You are all fully aware of the problems caused by Labour supporters at last years event and we have submitted a perfectly reasonable request.

Could we arrange for the press to speak with you on this matter please?


And there my kinsmen we will have to leave it for now. But at least now we know who is pulling the strings of the Denby Council and Police. We also know who is pulling the strings of the overweight Red Puppet Judy Mallaber.

©The Green Arrow, and thanks to them for breaking such a great story


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