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Monday, 10 August 2009


The media version about Saturday’s sickening events is, not surprisingly, a pack of lies propagated to either excuse or ignore the violence, blame other people for it and ultimately deny the fact that their multi-cultural project has failed miserably.

This is the truth about what happened in the city centre on Saturday, written by people who were there. Those familiar with what happened prior to the Bradford riots of 2001 will find the origin of the Birmingham riots sadly familiar. On Saturday, in response to weeks of rumours regarding a planned protest against Islamic terror/fascism, a group ironically entitled ‘Unite Against Fascism’ turned up in the city centre. This group carried placards opposing the BNP and speakers incited the crowd with quotes the BNP leader has made about Islam. However, the BNP were not even in the city centre and were not involved with the anti-extremist demo that was allowed to take place briefly in Victoria Square. These protesters even carried placards stating clearly that they were not the BNP!

However, that did not stop the likes of Cllr Salma Yaqoob of the Muslim Respect Party screaming through a microphone repeatedly that “THESE ARE OUR STREETS”. What must be made clear at this point is that she was addressing a predominantly Muslim crowd, at this point numbering about 150, with a handful of placard-carrying whites (the sticks holding the placards were later used to attack innocent white passers-by and the police). What Cllr Yaqoob must have been aware of was that in impressionable young Muslim minds the words ‘OUR STREETS’ can mean only one thing...

And so the chaos began soon after the provocative speeches ended, the UAF melted away and hundreds of Muslim youths went on the rampage. The UAF incited this riot, just as they did in Bradford eight years ago (when they were known as the ‘Anti-Nazi League’). Of course we are not saying that what happened on Saturday was on that scale, but it is troubling to say the least. The thugs were stopped by the police in their attempts to reach the peaceful protest in Victoria Square, so instead they roamed the streets all night looking for white people (predominantly young white males) to attack. White girls were also targeted, although the motives were sexual molestation and the humiliation of their boyfriends who could not act in the face of mass thuggery. The police in the Bullring also came under sustained attack and all manner of missiles rained down upon them. Bins were ripped up and hurled, as was the railing installed by the police themselves to control the UAF. Bottles, traffic cones and the wooden sticks supplied by the UAF were also thrown.

During the two hours of ongoing disorder at the Bullring there appeared not to be a single arrest of an Asian person. In fact most, if not all of the arrests, appear to have taken place when the police decided to run the protesters in Victoria Square out of the city centre, literally. Another witness tells us that he was walking towards Millenium Point at about 7:30pm when a crowd of white youths ran past him pursued by the police. Most of them were surrounded and bundled into police vans. Another source confirms that the protesters were told to either leave the city centre or be arrested. No such demand appears to have been issued to the hundreds of Muslim youths rioting in the Bullring. West Midlands Police have since said that they are studying video footage and may make further arrests.

We won’t hold our breath. During Saturday’s trouble they did not act to prevent a single act of unashamedly racist violence against innocent white folk. In fact on several occasions, they were seen to walk away.

A shameful day for the city, a shameful day for the police and further confirmation that multi-culturalism will collapse in rivers of blood.


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