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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Wolverhampton BNP Meeting Attracts All Comers

Over 50 people from a wide area including Shropshire, Staffordshire, Birmingham and the Black Country, as well as locals, met for the latest Wolverhampton British National Party branch meeting to listen to local activists speak.

Wolverhampton organiser, Simon Patten, opened proceedings with a detailed account of fundraising and canvassing reports in the lead up to the European elections in June and more recent tales, plus an expose on how a government funded group, known as the UAF is being supported and utilised by all parties and left wing pressure groups.

"At a table top sale before the election we were surrounded by UAF supporters at all points who were attempting to incite us to act" said Mr Patten.

"As there were only a few of us, and we knew that the Black Country team were doing a similar sale a few miles away, we telephoned them for support" Mr Patten continued "and we waited only about 15 minutes before Russ Green and John Salvage turned up".

He concluded "both John (Painter) and John (Salvage), from the Black Country, were spat at, but as we are a peaceful party, we did not retaliate".

Mr Patten also introduced the new Wolverhampton BNP team, himself the organiser, Mike Kiely (deputy organiser), Dave Bradnock the new fund-holder, and local BNP first points of contact John Painter (Wolverhampton S/E), Stuart Gardner (Wolverhampton S/W) and Mike (South Staffordshire).

The second speaker, making his maiden public speech, the aforementioned Mr Painter, who briefly told of his reasons for joining the party and then spoke of the first few months after joining, and in a light hearted manner, of some notable incidents that had happened to him during the table top sales and public canvassing that Mr Patten had previously mentioned.

Third speaker was former Black Country organiser Ken Griffiths, who spoke in depth over planning application controversies in the Dudley area and made more valid points about how the UAF are being utilised by all parties at local levels to attempt to hinder the democratic rights of the BNP.

Following the main interval, where a sumptuous buffet was provided by Mr Kiely and his daughter, the main speaker of the night, Phil Reddall spoke of several worldwide stories of how indigenous populations had struggled to overcome devastation, such as Japan, where following world war two, the Japanese economy had prospered to the point where Japan is the world leader in many industries and technologies.

Mr Reddall concluded by saying that the only way that the indigenous peoples of Britain would prosper, would be under a BNP government.

Fund-holder Mr Gardner announce that £227 had been raised from the raffle and collection, and the meeting concluded with the raffle, where Titvs won a "GREATWHITE" tee shirt, which at size XL would be "tight as" anything.

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