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Saturday, 15 August 2009

A Brief look at the RWB By TITVS ADVXAS

The patriot's encampment...

Well we spent the day at the RWB, having a 45 minute delay due to the great unwashed blocking the roads. Well where were the water cannons, the tear gas, the baton charges and all the other extreme action that would be used against us, had we acted in such an obnoxious way?
Well the answer is obvious, you can't go round upsetting your own pea-brained troops by treating them properly, can you Mr Cyclops?

Sorry, the use of Mr implies respect, but none were intended.

Glee too, over the Red/Marxist/Tory-boy blogs and message boards, because the BNP site is down. Now I do know that Webmaster, SB had been adding some fixes and upgrades to the site, which may account for the disruption, AND since most of the upper ranks of the party were all in a field in Derbyshire, that probably is the reason for the delay in restoring service. But its a bit co-incidental isn't it? Starting mid Friday a great time to launch another Denial Of Service attack? Remember the previous DOS attack in the run up to the Euro Election? Well the reds can have their ripples of back patting and guffaws, like the immature bunch they are. Time will tell.

Back to the RWB, I managed to get round to all of the tents, taking many photos on the way. these are available to view on my webshots.

My highlights:
  1. Mark and Liz ran the South Birmingham tent so professionally and must surely win the prize for best display (no bias here at all). We bought a packet of fudge made by one of the members of the group, called Valentina. Simply divine.
  2. Meeting my three favourite bloggers was a bit special too. Here's to Man of the Woods, Green Arrow and Red Squirrel! Cheers!
  3. Having a cuppa in The East Birmingham canteen tent with Richard & Tanya Lumby.
  4. In the Black Country Tent, having a local delicacy, a bag of Real Pork Scratchings.
  5. Simon Pattens 'Balloon Race' in Wolverhampton's tent.
  6. Meeting Roger and his team in their corner of the Wales Regional Tent.
  7. Seeing Richard Barnbrooks attempts to make burgers reminded me how much he looks like TV chef Gary Rhodes! and while in the London Tent, seeing Frank Forte reminded me of how much he looks like Roger Daltry! (more lookalikes methinks)

Afterthought on the UAF protest
  • What was the point? According to real figures from The BNP, about 100 people were delayed in being admitted to the festival, me being one of the 100!
  • Did they achieve anything by their protest? They wasted their entire Saturday, because once inside, we had a great time!
  • Why do they continue to do the dirty work of LILAC? Because they all lack any real self respect by following the doctrines of or actually being indoctrinated by Liberal/Labour/Conservative/Union/UKIP, whose COMMON PURPOSE is the eventual colonisation of Britain by Muslims.
  • What is their overall objective other that the continuance of a real Fascist ruler? Again it is the eventual colonisation of Britain by Muslims.

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Bazelgette said...

Well Titvs, I am pleased to say that your website is very much UP even though the BNP site is being repaired. Keep up the good work for Old England's sake.

Bertie_Bert said...

BNP RWB 2009


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