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Friday, 7 August 2009

Time has come for a change! Repairing the broken school system… By TITVS ADVXAS

As a youngster growing up in a white working class area of Birmingham, known as Acocks Green, I attended the local primary school, and after passing my ‘eleven plus’ exam went to a grammar school, in Moseley, a white middle class area of Birmingham.

After school, once a week, I also attended a local cub-scouts troop, and after gaining my ‘link’ badge at the age of eleven, went up from being the biggest cub to being the smallest scout.

At each meeting, in the Baden-Powell way, we started by raising the Union flag, we prayed and gave thanks to God, we repeated the scouting motto, we took part in varied activities for ninety minutes, and ended by singing the national anthem and concluded by respectfully lowering the flag.

As my homework in grammar school mounted up, and started to take up to three hours on some nights, I soon had to make the choice of either handing my physics homework in promptly on a Wednesday morning, or attending scouts on Tuesday night and risking a weekly detention from a sadistic welsh science teacher, known by the affectionate name, Taffy Hingley.

During my school life I had corporal punishment administered to me on only one occasion, that being for fighting at the age of 9 or 10, in junior school, by teacher called Mr Fineman.

I can’t say that I remember either the incident or the punishment too easily, but what I do remember is my resolve to not err again and face Fineman’s pump again, and I never strayed off the path again at school.

This in mind I have brushed up on the policy and stance of The British National Party on education.

Under the title of “Nurturing the Genius of Our Nation’s Youth — BNP Education Policy” it is fully available for viewing on the BNP website,

Britain once led the world in education and technology – and can do so again, but only if it follows some basic rules to rebuild its educational system in such a way that it nurtures the innate genius which lies in our nation’s youth.

The problems with the British educational system are well known to all. Simply put, the British educational system is not working. Exams have been dumbed down and while more students are obtaining meaningless bits of paper, employers are complaining that graduates cannot spell.

“Citizenship” lessons are a euphemism for political indoctrination. Discipline has collapsed, trendy teaching methods have failed and schools face a crisis. The abolition of grants and introduction of fees for university students has hit poor children hardest, while soft, useless subjects are replacing the hard sciences of value to Britain.

In short, this nation stands before an educational abyss, and only the British National Party has the educational policy designed to pull it back from the brink.

The BNP’s policy consists of the following building blocks:

- The restoration of discipline – including corporal punishment – uniforms, traditional teaching methods and stricter exams (e.g. ‘0′ levels);

- The reintroduction of grammar schools with entrance exams at 11 and 13;

- The reversal of the programme to close special needs schools which penalises the most vulnerable;

- The reintroduction of competitive sports and daily Christian assemblies;

- The teaching of old-fashioned literacy skills (as opposed to clearly failed “modern” teaching methods);

- The teaching of old-fashioned mathematics skills which have practical application to everyday life;

- The teaching of a full curriculum of British history. This will instill in our young people knowledge of and pride in the history, cultures and heritage of the native peoples of Britain, and not the cherry-picked politically correct drivel being fed to children today;

- The abolition of fees and the restoration of full grants to university students studying proper subjects (as opposed to fake “social sciences”);

- The improvement of school food as proper meals have been shown to be linked to behaviour and achievement;

- The ending of the scandalous and racist neglect that has left working class white boys at the bottom of the table for academic achievement;

- The introduction of tax breaks for home-schooling parents or direct subsidies as their fair share of the education budget;

- The introduction of a compulsory Community Award Scheme for all school-leavers to teach them work ethics and social and community values. This would consist of work caring for the elderly or handicapped people, or environmental or heritage restoration projects, or military training. These courses would be character-building and instill discipline, social and community values and work ethics in all young people. Service in this scheme would entitle each individual to get ’something back’ from the society to which they have learnt to contribute, such as free university education, a properly supported apprenticeship, or business training and start-up capital for would-be entrepreneurs.

Britain can be great once again – with the BNP’s plan to rescue this nation’s educational system

Time has come for a change.

Whilst covering the topic of youth of our nation, we mustn’t forget the nurturing of youth groups, such as the scouting movement. The BNP has its own movement known as The YBNP.

The YBNP has its own website dedicated to affording Nationalist principles to our youth here, and from an excellent article there, I have note some of those principles as described:

The guidelines for British youth – male or female – are as follows:

• Utilise your energy. Get out into the fresh air; compete to win at vigorous sport; walk, run, cycle and swim; escape the towns and cities and camp, fish and seek adventure. Energy left unused will eat you up inside making you feel ill with nervous tension and will lead to a cycle of depression.

• Read. You do not need to be a scholar; there are books about every subject known to man – everyone has interests and there will be a book somewhere to expand your knowledge in this area. Even if you cannot manage a book, visit large newsagents and find a magazine in your area of interest. Your reading should include some works on Nationalism, but inspirational factual accounts of heroic deeds are equally worthy, whether they be mythological or historical.

• Form relationships. Dedication to any common sense cause is noble, but always seek balance between work, play and friendships. Boyfriends and girlfriends are, of course, a vital part of the balance of Nationalism.

• Set goals and achieve them. Failing once does not mean complete failure; never say die. True spirit is built by prevailing against the odds. Develop your sense of determination, for the easy times we are experiencing now will soon make way for an era where steel and backbone will be needed and sought after.

• Value the family. The idea of a happy home is not always attainable and has certainly become unfashionable, yet do your best to develop strong family ties for Nationalism is a family orientated ideology.

• Value the environment. The green issue has been mercilessly hijacked by mainstream politicians for their own ends. Ignore the media and our corrupt political establishment and develop an interest in an area of Nature which appeals to you; woodland charities and bird and animal sanctuaries abound, and are always looking for volunteers. Nationalists use the term land and people, or folk land, for good reason. We are a part of our own eco-system. We are the true greens.

Within the next half decade we can reverse the decline that has eroded all our values.

“I promise to do my best, To do my duty to God and The Queen (King), To help other people, And to keep the Scout’s Law!”

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Anonymous said...

My name is Gail Wright
I am 39 and went to Oaklands School. I now work as a nurse for a well known cancer charity.
I don't recognise this picture.
Is it or are you a fake ID......a vehicle for BNP propaganda.
My e-mail address is nightynurse40@yahoo.co.uk
Maybe we have common friends.

Gail Wright


Ms Wright, I am as real as you. I am using this alias solely to protect my family, my job and since BNP have no representation in Birmingham, to ensure support from local councillors. Whilst I believe in British Nationalism, all these opinions are mine and mine alone, as I am not a puppet or vehicle for the BNP. Doing a simple math, you must've been 1 year old when the photo was taken, so no wonder you dont recognise it. Miss Stitt is on the extreme right of the photo. Mr Hayles (or Hales) is on the extreme left. His knickname was 'Catweazel' after a current TV program for children. The other teacher was Miss Edwards (or Mrs Whittingham as she was after marrying). John Hubband (8th from the left of 5th from the right, front row) died in 1980 after requiring a blood transfusion. Dean horton (Tallest in the middle back) has only recently married his girlfriend after 20 year. John Reeves (front row furthest left) has a shaved head and rides an impressive looking trike. Gillian Friend (tall girl in front of Dean), has recently remarried and lives near the Maypole, having had six children, all boys, with her ex Steve Broughton. Jackie Hunt (next right to Gill) still lives, or at least till very recently, in Dolphin Lane at the Shirley Road End. Karen McInley (3rd right, in row behind front row) still lives in Acocks Green Village by the Old Co-Op (if you know the Green). Shall I continue? Please forgive me but I do not wish to contact you privately. I am very happily married and see no other reason for you wishing to contact me, unless you are some UAF scum trying to out me.

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