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Friday, 21 August 2009

Cardiff Soldier's Mother Banned By Post Office! By TITVS ADVXAS

In a purely evil, and seemingly racially motivated action by a property owner and shopkeeper, Islamic named "Mr Khan", a mother of a soldier fighting in Afghanistan has been banned from using the local post office, she has used since she first started to collect child benefit for her brave son, who is 21 in September.

Mrs Maria Davies, talking to The British National Party leader in Wales, Brian Mahoney (pronounced Marney), told of her son, still 20, who has just started his tour of duty, will be in Afghanistan for another six to eight months.

Mrs Davies speaking about the uncertainty and infrequency of messages from her son, had along with her son's girlfriend, received irregular phone calls and emails from him.

She has also sent parcels to her son, but has now been banned from using her local post office to do so.

In speaking to the shop owner, a Muslim, Mr Khan, who ironically sells alcohol and cigarettes from the premises when local Muslim hospital workers refuse to use alcohol based hand cleansers thus spreading diseases there such as MRSA (methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus), Mrs Davies was told in front of witnesses, including her youngest son, that she was banned because her other son "was fighting in Afghanistan".

This week, shop manager June Thomas, acting for Mr Khan has now banned Mrs Davies from all services at the post office including having her money being collected by her representatives.

Almost in tears, Mrs Davies said "I knew he could do bad things, but I didn't think he could stoop that low"

This item has caused ripples, nay waves of concern throughout the Patriot Blogs the length and breadth of the country

The Derby Patriot also commenting on this story says "What right has this 'man' got to stop a woman sending parcels or letters to her son?"

"He is fighting in a dirty war and may never return." Derby continued.

In a call to arms, Derby proclaimed "We must BOYCOTT Muslim businesses, DON'T use their shops or taxis, DO NOT put money into the pockets of the likes of Mr Khan."

Another blogging buddy Kool-dude said "Who are the staff working there?"

"Have they got no loyalties to our boys n girls defending freedom?" he continued.

"This is a bloody outrage and I my self will be calling the HEAD POST OFFICE !" he finished

The Green Arrow, of course, gave an almighty push to the story, and I have added a footnote to this blog, with a deliberate cut n paste from The GA.

As mentioned in the video, BNP activist Diane Leech has for some time been collecting and sending the equivalent of Red Cross Parcels to our troops in Afghanistan.

Parcels, money, gifts and other donations may be sent to her, specifically for our troops at Selly Oak hospital, which is about 6 miles away from a white working class area of Birmingham, known locally as Acocks Green.

Footnote from my friends at The Green Arrow:

Let us just remind ourselves of a few facts. Put aside the main one, that Our Soldiers should not be fighting an illegal war - they are still Our Soldiers and should be supported. They only do their duty.
  • Muslims insult and threaten our wounded soldiers in mixed ward hospitals.
  • Muslims disrupt the welcome home parades for Our Troops. Not their troops Our Troops.
  • Muslims celebrate the deaths of our dead heroes on their chat sites and forums.
And now they carry their attacks on Our Country and way of life a step further by attacking the parents of those who fight for Our Country. Enough really is enough.

Now the BNP Wales Team who carried out that interview with Mrs Davies did not say it but I can. I have done a little digging of my own into this Mr Khan and he appears to be one very dodgy character.

I have heard rumours of the misuse of "Chip and Pin" in his shops. I have even heard rumours of him being a Solicitor who was struck off. Whether these are just malicious rumours made up by residents angry at his actions in this matter, I have no idea but intend to find out.

If anyone has any information on this man, be it fact or more rumours, please email the details to The Green Arrow. All information received will be treated as confidential.

The obvious question here is "What would Trevor Phillips and his mob do if a Christian shop keeper banned a Muslim from his store, because his own cousin had been in The World Trade Centre (Center if you are a Yank) on September 11th 2001?"

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