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Friday, 14 August 2009

Back to Normal By TITVS ADVXAS

Deputy Tory Leader, Alan Duncan MP.

Well following a hectic few weeks where I have been posting on the main BNP site, its back to the bread and butter stuff, colloquial blogging on Titvs Advxas.

Mr BNP News is back from his travels and stepping up to the frontline, bang, bang, bang the posts were back to normal, thick and fast on the website, yesterday afternoon.

You have to admire the man for his versatility and thoroughness, not to mention the sheer number of posts.

While I was there, I was privy to see some of comments before they were moderated, and there were some stinkers.

Political correctness or grammatical incorrectness, and not having a regular proof reader, my faux pas were as varied as the posts.

I know I am not a professional writer, but I felt my best stories were the ones that came from the heart with personal reference.

Good for blogs but not so good for news!

The door has, however, been left open for me to submit posts to BNP News, so hopefully I will go back to occasional submissions...

My last post was yesterday about the sleaze-meister Alan Duncan, who moaned that since the Telegraph expose, MPs were "living on rations and treated like ****" well you know what I mean.

I managed to do a spot of research and compared two similar meals, one from Bellamy’s restaurant within the Houses of Parliament, and another from a Chinese takeaway here in Brum, i.e. his rations and my rations!

Example 1; on the menu at Bellamy’s restaurant (a heavily subsidised HofP restaurant); Lamb stir fry with spring onion & pak choi £3.60, hot dessert (lemon sponge) with syrup £1.05; total £4.65.

Example 2; on the menu of China House Take away (situated in a white working class area of Birmingham, known as Acocks Green); Stir fry beef with onion and vegetables £4.70, banana fritter in syrup £2.20; total £6.70.

Yes it's dearer here by over £2.00 for similar meals. The difference is that in Bellamy's you get silver service, and in Brum you get to do your own washing up!

What a whinger Duncan is, with a salary of £64,000 plus extravagant expenses.

The kick in the teeth was the news last night that Cameron was backing Duncan.

Sleaze, sleaze and more sleaze!

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