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Sunday, 2 August 2009

Sneaking in the back door By TITVS ADVXAS

I read with interest a story that was reported in several broadsheets and tabloids on Saturday, about an illegal immigrant who hid underneath a coach full of Border Agency officials returning from France.

Flashback to an 18 year old film (or 47 years for the original), Martin Scorsese's 'Cape Fear' and the heavily tattooed character played by Robert De Niro, strapping himself to the underside of Nick Nolte's and Jessica Lang's car.

Watching the film who would have believed it possible to use that stunt to actually evade detection by the authorities, to cross a border, in an official vehicle?

Under current rules, any lorry driver, who allows immigrants to enter Britain, whether complicit or not, faces a fine of £2000 per person, for each illegal immigrant transported.

Under Carriers' Liability legislation, drivers can face fines if they fail to make adequate checks of their vehicle for stowaways - which is why the coach driver in this case is unlikely to face further action.

A Home Office spokesperson confirmed: 'An illegal entrant entered the UK by hiding underneath a coach returning from France.

'The coach was contracted by the UK Border Agency. This is further evidence of the extreme and dangerous illegal measures that are being taken to enter the UK.

'We will continue to work closely with the French authorities, travel industry and port operators to protect the UK borders to combat illegal immigration.

'The man is still at large. He was able to abscond. Local police are carrying out an intensive search and we are continuing to try to identify him and hope to apprehend him as soon as possible.

'Further security improvements will now be put in place and a full investigation is being conducted.'

A source added: 'On this occasion, it is unlikely that civil action will be taken against the coach driver.'

Why not? Are civil servants, government employees immune to the law, or the consequences of failure to follow it?

Basic housekeeping should apply so why don't we just tighten up and use existing rules and current staff to inspect each and every vehicle entering The United Kingdom?

The LiLaC elite and their supporters would say that this would affect tourism, by adding hours to check in for visitors to our islands, an inconvenience.

Well have you ever tried to visit America recently? Compare that visit to one you made a few years before 9/11!

This situation would not exist under a British National Party government, as our borders would be closed.

The BNP is the only political party opposed to unrestricted mass immigration
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