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Monday, 31 August 2009

Police become targets of Asian mobs By TITVS ADVXAS

The above photographs show scenes from protests by Muslim extremists in Luton, who abused our brave soldiers when they returned from their tour of duty in the Iraq/Afghan conflict arena, and of the English defence league, a group formed to protest against those Muslim extremists and The State funded UAF, who are seen as the common (purpose) enemy of Nationalism.

Whilst we all disagree with the reasons for the war, we do support our modern day Tommy's, our Squaddies, in fulfilling their duty for Queen and country.

What makes yesterdays events in Luton sickening is that the Muslim extremists carried on but marches by four white groups, namely March for England, UK Casuals United, United People of Luton and English Defence League did not as all marches had been banned for three months by the local authority.

Muslim organisers worried about their own safety had asked the police to attend 'to protect the Muslim marchers.'

In obeying the fascist council's orders, no white protesters had turned up in any significant numbers, and so with no civilian targets, the Muslim demonstrators, who were apparently marching illegally turned their attention to the Police.

The following is a report from The State controlled BBCi website.

Riot police were called to Bury Park after youths attacked local police on Sunday. Two people were arrested.

Local officers were there at the request of the Asian community to protect the group from a right wing march, but no protesters turned up.

Ch Supt Andy Frost said he was "extremely disappointed" his officers had been attacked.

He said: "Although this incident was contained within Bury Park it has again put Luton under the spotlight for the wrong reasons.

"The town has enjoyed excellent community relations for a number of years but it seems a small minority has let Luton down."

A police spokeswoman said one person arrested during the disorder had been released and the second was waiting to be questioned.

Police said protesters had been deterred from the planned march by a banning order approved by Home Secretary Alan Johnson last week.

Luton Borough Council and Bedfordshire Police were granted a three-month banning order on public processions by four named organisations or associated groups.

Police previously said residents and businesses feared a repeat of the violence and disorder which erupted when the groups previously marched in the town and elsewhere.

Protest plans by March for England, UK Casuals United, United People of Luton and English Defence League had increased tensions in Luton, they added.

Angry scenes broke out in March when a small number of Muslims held an anti-war protest during a homecoming parade of British troops.

We can draw the following conclusions from the recent events:

That the Muslim Extremists are allowed to demonstrate whether there is permission or not. I use the term allowed, as the police were present to protect them and not to prevent them from marching.

Minimal arrests are made, presumably for the reasons that the police usually give, i.e. "so as not to cause further unrest amongst immigrant groups."

It is obviously no allowed that the ordinary people of this country who are fed up, to demonstrate on the rising increase in the Islamification and Muslim extremism in Great Britain!

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