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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Key National BNP figures speak in Birmingham By TITVS ADVXAS

BNP Deputy Treasurer David Hannam.

Shropshire BNP Official James Whittall.

Local man Trevor Lloyd in full swing

The three speakers relax between speeches.

Thursday night saw the latest meeting in North Birmingham as two of The British National Party's major figures were joined by yet another local Birmingham activist delivering his debut speech.

Local North Birmingham organiser Mark Power started the meeting off by immediately introducing the BNP's National Deputy Treasurer, David Hannam.

Mr. Hannam described his journey to the North Birmingham venue, as "atrocious", mentioning several incidents, including one where a 'foreign' driver had given way to him whilst on a traffic island, actually stopping to let Mr. Hannam onto the island.

Talking about the party's finances, Mr. Hannam described how our relatively healthy state of finances is always being mis-represented by the press and by official bodies such as The Electoral Commission.

Regarding the so-called late submission of the Quarterly Donation Return to the Electoral Commisson, Mr Hannam said "I telephoned the electoral commission to ask why they had reported that the Quarterly Return hadn't been received, when in fact they had."

Mr. Hannam went on saying "they claimed that they had not received some correspondence from us, however, we will contest this issue, as the party absolutely did submit this return.

Considering we have not been late before with our return, the commission should simply have contacted us before going to the press."

"The electoral commission point blankly refused to amend their press release to admit an error in their reporting" said Mr. Hannam.

Mr. Power then introduced the second speaker was Shropshire activist James Whittall, who told of the way that even rural areas have been affected by immigration.

Mr. Whittall said that the treacherous labour party had identified some rural areas near him as being "far too white" and ideal for placing thousands of families of immigrants.

In reference to the recent attack on The BNP by Lenin admiring Trevor Phillips and The CEHR and their proposed court actions, Mr. Whittall rightly commented "What if a member of The BNP had said the reverse in speaking about an area of Birmingham like Nechells or Handsworth being 'too immigrant'?"

As a result of this anti-white policy by New Labour, Mr. Whittall said "Cities like Shrewsbury, Hereford and Worcester had become completely unrecognisable to what they were a mere 20 years ago."

After a short interval, Mr. Power finally announced the night's final speaker, Trevor Lloyd, a local activist, who was making his debut speech at a BNP meeting.

Mr. Lloyd's highly intellectual offering, discussed the chaos theory and the reasoning of the Malthusian catastrophe theory and how this might be an inevitable consequence of the current policies of a Labour, Tory or even Liberal government.

Mr. Lloyd said "The only way to prevent this nightmare is by the implementation of BNP policies, through a BNP government."

Mr. Lloyd received a rapturous applause for his thought provoking and highly well presented speech.


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