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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

'Soap Dodgers' By TITVS ADVXAS

In an occasional article on the UAF, TITVS ADVXAS looks at the other side..

And what an illiterate bunch the UAF are!

Illiteracy is the tip of the iceberg too, as you can throw in virtually any other adjective that has a negative bearing on demeanour.

Why do they have such a big chip on their shoulders?

Take a look at Tara Hewitt (TH), a transgendered woman (in effect is a neutered man, thus having no real gender - an 'it') who represents students from "The Liverpool Polytechnic" as the place was known.

TH gave a speech at the ANTI BNP Protest in Blackpool in response to BNP's victory party talking about the so called importance of Unity of all parties, solidarity and stopping the "Homophobic, Biphobic, Transphobic, Sexist Racist BNP." (No real agenda either).

What TH seems to have learnt is that as a white male, TH would have been overlooked for promotion in the workplace (if TH ever gets a job), and would have remained at entry level employment status for the next 50 years as every single recruited minority (i.e. non-indigenous or non-male or non-heterosexual).

As such, TH's self mutilation to a transgendered male/female hybrid with poly-sexual tendencies, has made itself very employable and prime candidate for fast-tracked promotion, an agenda if ever I saw one.

Homophobia is actually "the fear of homosexuality", but in an Orwellian reversal, the double speak meaning, popular meaning has become a hate of homosexuality. To call some one 'homophobic' because they are simply nauseated by the overt campness and public displays of sexuality and sexual behaviour, is extremely unfair. Simple Christian revulsion should not be turned around in this way!

What TH should be made to be aware of is the stance that an Islamic Government or Caliphate would show to these people.

Well don't go losing your head over that poser, Tara, eh?

Reality check, what do Muslims do to Homosexuals under Sharia law?

Don't worry Tara, you'll get a public flogging before that happens!

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