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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Saturday morning blues By TITVS ADVXAS

After the most feeble of poems... ever... in the history of blogging, just one week ago here on TITVS ADVXAS, I decided that I would have another go at a spot of prose... (to readers familiar with Birmingham, I am not referring to Cheddar Road here, but to Stratford, and the workings of the Black Country Bard)

You have to imagine the blues guitar rifts in the background...

Woke up this morning,
It's another Saturday,
Struggled the kettle on,
To build up my caffeine, hey!

Took the dog for a walk,
And got in a spat,
Coz I remembered a mile from home,
We've only got a cat!

Came back in for a shower,
had a shave and rest
Went down to my computer,
Just wearing my old string vest!

Turned on "tight as a duck's arse,"
to see if there were any 'mods'
Then started my favourite thing,
to read all the patriotic blogs!

That sort of thing ain't easy
In fact its a three hour chore,
and as I find extra ones of them,
That time gets more and more!

You see I have to publicise them
And that aint all,
I add some more Java code
And stick them on to my wall!

Its now nearly nine thirty,
And the missus will be awake,
so I go to the kitchen,
to make her coffee and cake!

Thats the end of this ditty
And im glad this is the second line
coz if that had been ditty
Then 'shitty' was the only rhyme!

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