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Sunday, 16 August 2009

Letter to the Chief Constable of Derbyshire From TITVS ADXAS

4a Council-not-Social-House,
The Acocks Green Council Estate,
Birmingham B27 FKU.
Sunday 16th August 2009

To Chief Constable Mick Creedon

Derbyshire Constabulary
Police Headquarters,
Butterley Hall,

Dear Mr Creedon,

I am a card holding, fee paying member of the British National Party, and I attended their Red White and Blue festival in Denby, yesterday (15th August 2009).

Arriving at the junction of Breach Road and Denby Common at about 9.00am, there was a crowd of UAF supporters blocking access to Breach Road, and one of your officers told me forcefully and without need, to reverse my car.

I complied, even though I have a current driving licence, with no ban or endorsements, I have fully comprehensive insurance, my car is less than 3 years old, so it doesn't require a valid MOT and its road fund licence is upto date, and furthermore I am not 'wanted' by the police having no outstanding fines, warrants or convictions.

Thus the police allowed the mob of people illegally blocking the road to be given precedence of me, a legal driver in my own car.

I was told to park in a pub car park 100 yards away, and wait for the police to deal with the mob.

I note that from press reports only 19 people were arrested and of them only four faced further charges.

The police then used reasonable force only to restrict the baying mob.

I would like to ask why riot police using tear gas and water cannons were not deployed to disperse the mob, as the police have done in the past, such as your neighbouring force, South Yorkshire did on 18 June 1984 in Orgreave near Rotherham?

Is the reason that as being a sub-unit of the government, the UAF get special privilege?

I would also like to comment on one helicopter, which spent all day hovering directly over the 'Political tent' and was so low that it drowned out the speakers voices, even with our sophisticated PA system in use.

Can I further assume that you were acting under direct orders from The Home Office to make this constant interference with our members being unable to follow what the speakers were saying?

In a country that purports to democracy and free speech, and where the BNP are regularly vilified in the press , the actions of your officers only gave rise to the view that they were not allowing democracy, but were condoning mob-rule from a fascist régime.

Finally, I would beg to comment on the pitifully small number of arrests and people charged, compared with the visibly high numbers who were actually causing an illegal obstruction.

Nothing that the police did made sense in my eyes.

I await you reply.

Yours sincerely,

Titvs Advxas


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JPT said...

Very well put. I see the website is still down by the way.

British said...

Some well presented questions... Be interesting to read the automated reply.


My complaint has been submitted to Derbyshire Police via their online complaints form.
Any replies via email will be reproduced either here or as another post on here, by me

Rob said...

Great,the reply should be very interesting. I thought you were going to drive straight through them when we got there, lol. A great day.

chalky said...

hi,i dont know if i met you on saturday but my reasoning was the same as yours . it took us 2 full hrs to get into the site and a gallon of petrol dodging around the lanes but well worth it in the end and the protesters did make me laugh . It was like a crowd scene from the muppet show

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