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Saturday, 1 August 2009

Yet another mass meeting to demand a Caliphate

Following last weeks event, highlighted on The British National Party website here, where thousands of Muslims gathered at a central London venue supporting Jihad and demanding the creation of a caliphate, the website of Hizb ut Tahrir is announcing a similar event in Birmingham on Sunday, August 2nd 2009.

What is a caliphate and how does it fit in with sharia law and more poignantly, how does it fit in with UK law and democracy ?

Caliphate is a form of government inspired by Islam.

The Qur'an basis for caliphate is made clear from the holy book.

Sharia law is again inspired by The Qur'an.

The simple answer, in my opinion, is that caliphate and sharia have no place whatsoever in the realms of The United Kingdom, within her shores or within her democracy.

In fact placing either of the two terms with democracy would create an oxymoron.

The proposed meeting will take place at 'Bethel Community Centre, Kelvin Way, West Bromwich, B70 7JW', starting at 11am and the cost of admission will be £8.

Their website goes on to say "In our global conferences this summer, Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain will highlight how we, as Muslims in the west, need to be at the forefront of the struggle that counters these policies; carrying the real message of Islam, showing how the future Khilafah State will stand with the oppressed people of the world against the exploitation of global capitalism"

Being unable to comment on the first meeting, I can mention the agenda for Sunday's meeting.

My comment of the whole situation is simple.

Our forefathers, my grandfather, my father, Harry Patch, Henry Allingham, struggled and fought for our country's values, for freedom of speech and democracy.

They didn't fight for the freedom to openly discuss the overthrow of their values.

(Didn't Guy Fawkes discuss the overthrow of his Government? And wasn't he hung for those discussions , also known as Treason?)

They certainly didn't struggle to have Britain become a third world Islamic republic.

Lets also hope that Sundays meeting will draw some attention from the mainstream press!


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CorshamCrusader said...

This just shows how far down the road to oblivion our leaders have let this country go. This fifth Column are quite literaly planning to take us over and are holding a conference on British soil to discuss how to do it. What would Churchil have said about it were he alive today? I think we all know the answer to that one. There is no place for Islam in the west and they must be returned to the desert from where they came if we are to survive as a Nation. Islam is a cancer slowly eating the United Kingdom to it's death, the cure is the British National Party and i hope our people realise that before it's to late.

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