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Sunday, 16 August 2009

UAF protesters further the resolve of the BNP family and other day-trippers By TITVS ADVXAS

Omnipresent Mike Bell,

Mr Nick Griffin MEP,

The heart of the campsite,

South Birmingham getting ready

Mick Simpkins

The Saturday morning drive from a white working class area of Birmingham, known as Acocks Green, to the Derbyshire countryside went without a hitch, until we reached Codnor Denby Lane at its junction with Heanor Lane, where the UAF protest march was due to commence, the road being completely blocked, by the mindless.

I was ordered by police to drive around to the other side, the 'other side' being Breach Road and Denby Common, where another ugly group of ugly protesters had gathered, which proved a little scary for my partner and our other passengers, who were quite troubled by the great unwashed.

I told my passengers that these ugly people are simply misguided fools and are simply following the agenda of the cowards at the top of the tree, of the UAF, the SWP, The unions, the New-Labour party, The Tory Party, and signatories of it, David Cameron, Tony Benn, Peter Hain, and Ken Livingston were the ones that came to mind.

Just think about it!

All of those political parties, organisations and other people (and more), involved in a display of fascist totalitarianism.

The elites don't want The British National Party to have a family weekend, and are prepared to use violence, through The UAF to do it, yet you never see the organ grinders at work.

Weyman Bennett, had made some noises on the internet in the days before, but not even he was around, as the red-eyed reds, who'd travelled up on the red-eye, were grunting and growling at us.

Like Simon Darby said, about 100 of us were delayed due to these creatures.

Inside the festival, we couldn't even hear the animal noises outside.

Now the Telegraph have produced their report of the commotion outside and the goings on inside, in their usual disproportionate way.

Making sure that they could call us all the usual names and try to hint at racism, they drew reference to the beastly chants from outside:

The main body of demonstrators, which was monitored by a camera mounted on a drone, gathered in Codnor's Market Place, chanting "Nazi scum, off our streets" and waving placards from campaign group Unite Against Fascism and various trade union groups.

Dozens of tents had been pitched on the BNP festival site, around 200 yards from where police were forced to hold back protesters.

Journalists from some media organisations were invited on to the site, where a political marquee had been set up to hear speeches and a Ford Ka was up for grabs in a raffle alongside stalls selling badges and pork scratchings.

A coconut shy - featuring images of Tony Blair, Jack Straw and Gordon Brown and offering festival-goers the chance to "knock a traitor off the stick" - had also been set up at the festival site.

So why mention the pork scratchings, as if we didn't know?

I, for one, enjoyed my first Red-White-and-Blue, as did my entourage, as the attempts by the Amber Valley Council to deter the party's party failed like a Labour candidate at a by-election:

  • Preventing use of caravans and campervans,
  • Not allowing a funfair for children,
  • Not allowing a liquor license,
  • Enforcing archaic laws on noise to hinder partying by BNP revellers.

What the UAF and Amber Valley did achieve, by their actions, was to further the resolve of my previously BNP-sceptical passengers, to support and go forward with the party.

They, like me, want their country back.

And like me they are prepared to back Nick Griffin and The BNP in the dark times that surely lay ahead.

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Bazalgette said...

This comes from a news article regarding the UAF trouble makers.

A total of 19 people were arrested on Saturday after about 1,500 anti-fascist demonstrators from across Britain joined a protest march near the site of the BNP's annual summer festival in Codnor, Derbyshire.

Police came under attack from protesters who threw missiles, including plastic bottles and bags of flour, as demonstrators attempted to force their way through a police cordon and past mounted officers.

At least four men were led away in handcuffs in Codnor Denby Lane after the scuffles, which lasted for about five minutes.

A police spokesman said: "Unfortunately, some people have ignored police advice and failed to abide by the agreements reached during the planning of the protest.

"These people blocked or tried to block roads near the site of the Red, White and Blue festival. Officers had to take action to open the roads and deal with the protesters."

The spokesman conceded that there had been disruption to local people and road users, whom he thanked for their patience and understanding.

The police operation involved more than 500 officers on the ground, including a number drafted in from five other force areas.

...Not a particularly law-abiding bunch, the UAF.


I cannot think of anything positive to call them...

CaptainBlack said...

Couldn't make it this year due to work problems, but I am more determined than ever to make the next one.

The more they do to try to stop us, the more I will resist them.

No surrender - see you next year - get there on Friday and miss the scum road blocks.

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