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Thursday, 6 August 2009

“G men” wow East Birmingham BNP Meeting By TITVS ADVXAS

Mike Bell

South Birmingham & Solihull Attendees

Marlene Guest in full flow...

Paul Golding

The group photo...

Guest speakers Paul Golding and Marlene Guest headlined the bill for East Birmingham BNP’s latest meeting to an eager audience of nearly 70 people packing the assembly room to bursting point.

Having Paul Golding as a second speaker shows the depth of quality that the British National Party has in it’s ranks, and Mr Golding who, starting with Queen Boadicea gave us a thorough history lesson in ‘indigenous resistance’ over the years, against the would be invaders of British soil.

Mr Golding went on to say “Our (The BNP) hard work over the recent years has started to pay off, as in 2008 we saw our first representation above local level as Richard Barnbrook took his seat on the London Assembly”

“This year we saw a further elevation in representation as Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons were elected to the European parliament” Mr Golding continued “And further proof of our growth is that core membership of The BNP saw a rise of over 35% in the first six months of 2009″

During the brief interval where we enjoyed yet another excellent buffet, provided by organiser Tanya Lumby, I chatted with several supporters who had travelled some fair distances to see the two guest speakers, including Nuneaton & Bedworth councillor Martyn Findlay who had bought his wife, Debbie, and their four children along to this oratory treat.

Just before the main speaker started, Birmingham secretary Mike Bell gave us a taster of the upcoming ‘Red White and Blue’ weekend, by telling us about previous years RWB festivals, and attempts by the local council to spoil this year’s event by imposing a ban on caravans or camper-vans on the private land of the organiser of the event.

Speaker of the evening was Marlene Guest, who was having an “Is it Me?” month following dreadful times in Rotherham where her local council were using Mrs Guests membership of the party to exclude her from her democratic right to free speech in various events, including protest over the proposed use of green belt land, and the injustice afforded to local pensioners over cutbacks in services and the resulting farming out of services like meals-on-wheels, to private firms.

Following some thought provoking statements, Mrs Guest said “Everybody’s BNP in my home town, but they don’t know it yet”.

Mrs Guest finished by urging everybody to inspect the accounts of the local councillors under the freedom of information act because , as she said “Once you’ve got it in black and white, you’ve got ‘em” to which she received a standing ovation.

Finally, new fund-holder John Pugh announced that the meeting had raised £237.

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